‘Please Stand By’ explores the duality of the human condition with humour and and insight. A testament to the way that experiences shape our narrative, this body of work details the contentions of intimacy, feminism and internal and external power struggle. A mash up of re-contextualised iconic imagery from 1950s-60s romance comics, the works provide insight into society’s obsession with desire by exploring what has or has not changed.

The use of black and white strips away the embellishment synonymous with the comic book stye and forces the audience to experience the narrative. Accompanying each of the full size paintings is a smaller cross section in full colour. These pieces highlight the way an apologue can acquire new intent when taken out of context and embellished.

A show of 12 pieces of acrylic and aerosol on board, the perception of ‘Please Stand By’ is dependant on the viewer and their own experiences, creating a unique intimacy between the audience and work.

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